Meet Me


|CEO & Designer|

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, I believe I was born with an eye for design and creativity. Growing up in a small town, I was always up to something that kept my mind active. It kept me out of trouble, kept me determined, and kept me inspired. As a adult, in a simplistic/minimalistic manner, I focus most of my time on inner peace, tranquility, self-love and living life to my fullest potential. The art of appreciating all things that are you while embracing natural elements have been a key manifest to my life. Not every day has to be perfect but the vibe is to understand that everyday is a new day to become better. Good energy and positive vibes are the way!

 Growing older, I found that home living and home decor was very important to me. It simply allows you express your personality or lifestyle through designs and accessories. Your home can easily tell a story. It is important that you develop and design a space that gives you comfort and peace while still inspiring you to grow through life. This is your safe haven, your getaway. I wanted to still put my fashionable eye to use by finding new ways to bring life to an empty canvas or simply seeing the best in many situations. Home decor sets the tone for adding that designer look to your home. Small pieces to big statements, one way to turn an empty canvas into a masterpiece is be adding your own creative touch to it. My love for helping people and motivating them to seek their true calling is natural gift. I take pride in not focusing on consulting people so they can see things my way but to open their eyes to see things with a clear view from their own eyes. Through love, fun, creativity and risk....I aim to help anyone become the designer of their dreams. Let's bring your visions to life and embrace all that there is that makes you YOU.

Peace and Love.