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Welcome Loves,

Behold, a brand and site that is dedicated to you. Home is definitely where the heart is and Marieee Living is designed to give you a designer feel without breaking the budget. With unique home decor and home products crafted with love, we truly want you to be the designer of your dreams. We want you to feel comfort in trying something new, appreciating something old and finding the exclusiveness in-between the two.

We all hold a certain uniqueness and creativity that allows us to put our own character in the one space we truly feel ourselves, HOME. Life can take you through many trails and different paths, the one thing we all want is a certain feeling of peace and serenity. Why not create that sanctuary? Our body is a shelter for our souls while the home is the shelter for our bodies. May we protect it all with love, care, and adventure.

Welcome to Marieee Living.